Academics & Co-Curriculum


Classes I to V form the primary section of Ira International School. These are truly the formative years of an individual and require our best attention. This being the guiding principle for all the activities-curricular and co-curricular, care is taken that children do not experience any stress in learning and instead learning is an interactive, joyous experience.

Most of the notebooks and workbooks are kept in the school and homework is limited to reinforcement of topics already done in the class. Classroom teaching is supplemented by experiments, real life situations and lots of learning aids. Specially designed computer packages support the learning process. 

A very important feature of Ira International School is the "No Examinations System" till Class III. Emphasis is laid on continuous and comprehensive evaluation covering the entire range of the academic year through regular worksheets rather than the performance of the learner in a single window test. 

Active participation of learners is encouraged in softer subjects like music, painting and dance which helps a child grow more as a harmonious personality and to understand the joy and meaning of life. 

Physical education and sports too share the learning platform equally. Coaches specializing in various sports discipline come in especially every week to train the budding champions of the school. All this has manifested itself in the excellent performance of students at various levels of competition. 

Our focus remains-enrichment and empowerment through learning.

  • The school year comprises of two terms.

  • The school follows a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System (CCE) at primary level (I-V)

  • The system includes grading students on the basis of Formative and Summative Assessment i.e. Worksheets, Projects and Assignments.

  • Every individual is given special attention.

  • Mentors work with the students to improve their attitude and increase self confidence and pride in achievements.