Academics & Co-Curriculum

Admission Rules

1.)Normally students are admitted at the beginning of the academic session. Admissions are made only on the basis of written test and interview. The admission test shall be held on the following subjects.

Classes Subjects

Classes 1 to 8

English, Hindi, Maths

Classes 9 and 10

English, Hindi, Maths, Sanskrit.

The Principalís decision is final. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without furnishing any reason whatsoever.

2.) Students who seek admission after having studied in another school will have to produce the following

i.) School leaving/transfer certificate from the school last attended.
ii.) Original birth certificate.
iii.)Report of progress and co-curricular activities in the school previously attended.

3.)No change in the date of birth of student will be permitted once the student is admitted.
4.) Students must fulfill the following minimum age requirement for granting admission as on 1st April of that year.

Classes Age


2 years & 6 months


3 years & 6 months


4 years & 6 months


5 years & 6 months