CMD, Indo Rama Synthetics(I) Ltd.

Welcome to Ira International school.

Our efforts at Ira International has always been to make I a great place for learning, much more than just being educational institution. To provide an enabling atmosphere, where students acquire not only academic knowledge, but develop in them a passion for learning. Where they gain knowledge on how to become good human beings and live a worthwhile life.

Today’s world is marked by constant explosion of ideas and creation of new knowledge, practically making it impossible to hand down to our young generation any fixed recipe for success. Hence, it is imperative for us to instill, the right attitude, a passion for learning, through which they will be eager to acquire new skills and knowledge. It will in turn enable them to face every challenge in life, confidently and successfully, and to make their lives and those around them beautiful and meaningful.

Our founding philosophy has been to nurture our young generation to create brilliant minds with noble hearts and instill in them the ability to dream, more importantly, big dream. Striving for excellence has been our mantra in every area of our activity. For us, excellence does not only mean high academic standards. It encompasses other areas of achievements such as sports, cultural pursuits, creativity and enterprise and at the same time developing positive attitudes, ethical values, compassion and respect for others.

We believe that our real success lies in the success of our students, not just during their schooling days but even after that, in every step and every sphere of their lives.

I am sure, continuing the combined effort of all involved will bring in excellence in the lives of our students and help them aspire to achieve their dreams.