ďAn education isnít ho w much you have committed to the memory, or even how much you know. Itís being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you donít know.- Anatole France

We live in a world that is more and more centered and individualistic and which is increasingly driven by consumerism, academic programs emphasize economic growth. Students are taught to study hard to enter the best university, get the right jobs and succeed financially, but an education does not necessarily end there. To take it a step further, we develop values in your youth and teach them the importance of social responsibilities. 

Our task in education is to welcome students whatever their background: to enrich them and be enriched by them, to send them out equipped to serve the world. Education is what we do, and we seek to do it as well as we can.

Not only do we want to provide our students with the basics, we want them to learn from experience as well. At our school we wish to give each student the opportunity and the freedom for the fullest possible development as a ďwhole personĒ academically, spiritually, emotionally, morally, socially and physically.

The last decade has seen our school growing from strength to strength. We have crossed our hurdles in our path and have been tested time again, and our foundation had remained constant. We stand committed to provide quality education to every student of Ira International school.

With best wishes

Mrs. R.Lohia