This session is marked by the way to understand and implicate the things that are hard to conceive. The more the story sessions, the more the tiny tots are sharpened. Telling and hearing tales is a fable activity in our school. The ability of nurturing the curiosity and bridging the gap of knowledge through the various mediums of storytelling such as theater, puppets, props and other creative tools is the magic of storytelling. The story telling sessions are meant to bring story to the life of young tots. Story session is a language for communication between the two extremities. Story session is a phase to start something new and let the tots expand their skills in the area of theatre, puppets, props and other creative activities. Story is all about mere communication and more about tiny conversations that mark the visual interest and enthusiasm in children. This is a group-based activity where children love to cherish and enjoy every coming moment of the dramas. The main concept during this activity is to set objectives that impart listening and learning skills.