This is the corner for both teachers and students to enjoy till the extreme with best available resources. Sandwich making is a great activity not only for the students but also for the teachers to master chef their talents before tiny tots. This is a great way to nutrition the class with the best possible and available facilities. Sandwich making is a joy to pertain new and old experiments into a something special dish. This is a great activity because kids enjoy making the sandwiches themselves. They also use their fine motor skills while making their sandwiches. This activity is all about giving children those choices and always allowing them to succeed by creating their own sandwiches in whichever manner they want to. Our prime aim is to teach the students to hold a blunt knife for the application. This is the only activity where both teachers and students can enjoy the path of liberty and self-experimentation. This is quiet an area where eating is not restriction. You prepare your dishes and let the world taste it.