The tiny tots of Sugar plum have no rules and no restrictions in enjoying their childhood days with outdoor activities. The outdoor activities help to improve the state of well-being and the quality of self attainment and freedom. Learning through physical play….Physical activity in our young children help to enhance concentration, motivation, learning and well-being. The outdoor activities in children help to sharpen gross motor skills. The students are rooted in the level of freedom and movement which is more inventive, adventurous and more than that stimulating. Our tiny tots learn to gain social skills and cooperate with one another by showing consideration for one another. The outdoor activities are just fun and free to learn new aspects and gaining new liberties. Crawling through a tunnel, running, jump up and down on the spot on both the feet is what we have in our wishlist. These basis type of activities have had helped to consider body management, balance, bodily co-ordination, agility, strength and confidence in the little tots. The outdoor activities are just the realm of rejuvenation, refreshment and relief for kids.