The biggest sign of nature is that it imparts a sense of freshness and rejuvenation in an Individual. Considering this in mind, we have always adhered to the rules and discipline to follow the footsteps where nature will lead us. Walking in the nature promotes total health, both physical and mental. Getting children outside gives them fresh air, space and time to think. It helps children to connect with nature and inhale the freshness in them. Children are able to smell, hear, see and feel things they haven’t before. Our close to nature strategy helps children to sense something different yet vivacious. We always give them the message of ‘GO GREEN’. This will surely be meant to ascertain the love for nature too. Our nature walk strategy teaches children to stick to the path, respect the local flora and fauna. The children in the path of nature are allowed to collect bits of nature that interest them, such as tree bark, flowers, pebbles, or leaves only what fits into their collection bags.