The prime motto of this section is to let children understand that there are many different types of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the nature’s gift to suppress her children with the best possible nutrients. So, fruits and vegetables will always have its own ways to be cooked and eat. We keep this thing in mind and consider that fruits and vegis have no issues to be grown in the garden. But our fruits and vegis section is meant to ‘HAVE A GO’ tag which involves the children in tasting some unusual fruits that involve peeling, cutting and allowing them to make a combination of ingredients that will help them to learn and understand the importance of fruits and vegis in the diet. Green salads are tasty and are delicious. They have varied textures, shapes, sizes and colors which make them visually appealing and satisfying. Salad eating habits should be a prime responsibility of every school to teach their kids to expand and also to eat those stuffs that generally people avoid. The fruits and vegis section is a fun based activity every child enjoys. This is all about imparting something that will build their health for a better prospective.