About us:

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Education, it cannot be created neither it can be destroyed. The only word that promises everything for those who have always wanted to grow better and bigger every day. We at ‘Sugar Plum’ have always nurtured a dream of aspiration and inspiration in every child. Our institute is meant to ether the qualities of doing something good since the childhood. Sugar plum seeks the joy of embracing smiles on those little flowers who have just bloomed to stand still. We teach them to bloom freely and cherish each and every coming moment with sunshine and greater dignity. The joy we get in imparting the students with so many qualities cannot be compared to any other thing in this world. 

Our profile: 

Our little sugar plums have always taken that the leads to stand still even after facing hurdles and rain. We have always adhered that our little SUGAR PLUMS are in the process of being indoctrinated. Our little plums are taught to have prejudiced and knowledge of the choices of many different cultures all amalgamated together in a single unit. With a vast layer of campus, we have been established in the year 1995. The affiliation unit of our school is CBSE#1130040.

Our mission:

The plums in SUGAR PLUMS have a history of briefing people about various aspects of humankind. We cherish living in the equator of accepting new ideas and new theories. We consider promoting ‘EDUCATION BEYOND THE CLASSROOM’.

Our amenities:

With the circles of many spheres blended together, we have been located in Nagpur. Our school has been comprised with full furnished and accomplished classrooms. The tiny tots enjoy playing and cherishing many outdoor and indoor activities. A group of well qualified and well educated staff had always been our prime responsibility. The school has been surrounded by wide roads to North, South, East and a park to West. The building is a big TEE enclosed by an arc on side, enclosing a fan shaped open air auditorium. The administration block is situated in the arc. It has large airy classrooms, well equipped laboratories, a library, a lunch room, activity rooms, plenty of toys, teaching aids, soft board to display children’s work, computer rooms, AV room besides others.

Our school motto:

We have always bagged by the definition considering that ‘Education begets humility, humility begets good character, with good character one earns wealth and with wealth one does righteous actions, from which one gets happiness’.

Our school’s collaboration with lead institutes:

Seeing the qualities inside every child, we have always considered to bring the best in our students since, the young age. Seeing the rare qualities in students, we consider giving them IIT Coaching since the young age.

We have best teaching resources and have a collaboration with a found-IIT which is a brain child of eminent educationist Mr. Akula Krishna Rao - B. Tech., MBA along with IITians with average experience of 8 years into IIT-JEE training. We the team FoundIIT came in Vidharbha region with an experienced, resilient and knowledgeable team having a single minded objective for empowering the students, through knowledge and insight. This sharp focus has given birth to a methodology by our renowned & respected academic luminaries, and board of editors.Well organized and structured plan that generate interest and make students inquisitive for the desire of more and crystal clear concept/ knowledge.

A unique pedagogy which provides:

  • More insight through exploration

  • Queries handled by lucid explanations

  • Make student resilient for any kind of new logic questions

  • Remove ambiguity of concept and its applications

  • Development of skill for fast grasping, calculations etc. (Its over development for academic skills)

  • Keep the student engrossed till the last session

Core Knowledge is offering in Programs. The extent and quality of conceptual inputs and their presentation out score any conventional existing program. The Number of objective problems offered by the course exceeds that by any other similar course. The Problems and Questions simulate the nationwide competitive exams. The Program offers some of the best problems you can ever find in any other compilation.