Academics & Co-Curriculum


The child when he/she is born functions from the center; we teach him how to function from the circumference. That is our whole educational system in Nagpur: Teaching the child how to function from the circumference. We pull him/her away from his/her center, we make him/her more and more accustomed to the circumference, to living on the circumference...We not only cultivate the educational persona within him/her but, also add critiques to his/her personality by providing extra- curriculums to sprinkle their personalities.


Vocal / instrumental Music, Indian classical / Western dance, Drawing and painting, Flower making, Mud-Mask and Mono painting.


The students are trained in drawing landscapes. Rapid sketching and still-life nature drawing. There are separate rooms for arts and performing art. The students are taught English and Hindi drama. The school has a qualified and trained dance teacher who teaches classical and popular dances to students.


The students are also trained in Western and Indian vocal and instrumental music by trained teachers Musical instruments like the harmonium, sitar, tanpuras, tabla and tambourine besides an organ and a guitar are taught. An interest in music is inculcated in the children through the music classes from nursery upwards.